Our Mission
ICAT Boulder Claims’ mission is to add value to ICAT Managers’ business success by providing superior claims service on claims emanating from policies written by ICAT and by contributing to ICAT’s revenue and profitability goals by providing claims services to select external customers that provide an opportunity to enhance the service capabilities for ICAT, while providing a challenging, enjoyable and diverse work environment for the development of our employees.

Who We Are
ICAT Boulder Claims is built on Six Pillars:

ICAT Boulder Claims’ Core staff has over 150 years combined experience in catastrophe claims. We have expansion capacity to allow for rapid "ramp-up" for major catastrophe activity. Our core and expansion resources include Large Loss expertise.

Contractually secured pre-event resources
ICAT Boulder Claims has secured commitments from our Independent Adjusting Partners for in excess of 1,000 commercial and personal lines catastrophe adjusters. Resources are evaluated annually with established evaluation and audit protocols.

Claims & Strike Team Activity
Following a catastrophe event, ICAT Boulder Claims deploys strategic resources to:

  • Rapidly evaluate the impact of the event.
  • Communicate loss site intelligence to our partners.
  • Assist with the deployment of appropriate and adequate resources.

ICAT Boulder Claims has developed a web based state-of-the-art claims administration system and ‘Data Mart’ with both standard and special report package availability.

Pre-event & immediately post-event use of Cat Modeling tools to estimate claims counts and severity
Through the use of proprietary catastrophe modeling tools, ICAT Boulder Claims has the ability to create pre-loss and immediate post-loss analysis of expected claim volume, as well as, severity of losses. This helps us to better analyze loss exposure for deployment of resources to affected areas.

"Best of Breed" Practices & Procedures
ICAT Boulder Claims has developed and implemented practices and procedures to support our critical focus on customer service to our policyholders and clients. Many of these procedures are systematic and are configurable based on the requirements of our clients which gives us the ability to customize to suit your needs.

What We Do

Claims Administration
ICAT Boulder Claims provides nationwide, third-party administrative (TPA) services for first-party property claims. Claims are handled based on each customers specific contract, which encompasses specific requirements and standards. Our staff of supervisors, examiners, and large loss specialists efficiently manage all commercial and residential claims. Our service is seamless through the use of our state-of-the-art electronic claims administrative technology.

Large Loss Adjusting
ICAT Boulder Claims focuses on large loss commercial claims. With over 100 years of combined experience, we have the qualified large loss adjusters to handle your most complex claims. Where most firms focus on high volume homeowners claims in a catastrophic situation, ICAT Boulder Claims large loss unit focuses on the assignments involving multiple layers of coverage and pro-rated type losses involving commercial, industrial and mercantile losses around the country.

Mediation & Appraisals
Experience is a pre-requisite to a successful outcome in mediation or appraisal. Understanding the issues of a difficult or complex claim situation is critical to achieving your goal. The ability to fully investigate the facts of a disputed loss, apply the policy language and its limitations while taking a common sense approach are all key ingredients in a successful mediation or appraisal. Completion of numerous of successful appraisals and mediations from 2004 through present 2009 and on-going, coupled with real life field claim experience consisting of multiple complex losses in the industry, sets us apart from our competition.

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